Steriflow Food and Beverage 4″ FBCV-OR Sanitary Control Valve

NEW RELEASE! Sanitary Control Valves- OR Version

The FBCV O-Ring Series is designed to meet the rigid specifications for sanitary process control valves for customers who prefer an O-ring style stem seal. This valve series is suitable for a wide variety of applications in the cosmetic, dairy and food and beverage industries

Conforming to 3A guidelines, the FBCV is ideally suited for a wide range of flowing media in both the utility and process areas of sanitary systems.

High rangeability, characterized trim, high capacities, superior temperature and pressure ratings along with a selection of sealing methods make the FBCV the sanitary control valve for liquid, gas and steam services.

Whether the need is to control pressure, temperature, flow, pH, or another variable, the FBCV is the right valve for your process.

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