UEA (In-Line Detonation Flame Arresters)

The Protectoseal UEA Series prevents the spread of gas or vapor explosions in pipelines, when a horizontal installation is required or when the pipe system is very close to other objects or a wall and an eccentric design is a better fit. It does it under the harshest conditions, including unstable detonation, stable detonation and deflagration. It’s eccentric housing design avoids condensation build up in and around the element, ensuring maximum life and optimal performance.

The Protectoseal UEA Series is ATEX-approved for a maximum operating temperature of 140°F or 60°C.

The Protectoseal UEA Series is certified for gases in NEC Group D and IEC Group IIA.

Protectoseal’s UEA Series of In-Line Detonation Flame Arresters has been type-tested to EN ISO 16852 and approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.