Monoweld products

The Hex monoweld is used on upstream offshore/onshore gas and oil production and initial processing installations. Typically used on single or dual gauge pressure or analyzer installations to minimize the size and weight of the pipe-valve assemblies used for primary and/or secondary isolation, vent and calibration. Also used in downstream oil and gas refining and petrochemical production on welded, or flanged pipe processes, primary on gas applications or light end liquids.


  • Non-rotating tip (NRT) conical plug stem forms consistent lapped mate with the seat ensuring bubble tight shutoff and prolonged stem and seat life
  • Robust stem and bonnet construction. Can withstand the rugged environment of offshore platforms better than any other design on the market
  • 4 rings Teflon-Chevron style packing, or multi-ring set of grafoil surrounded by braided graphite standard.
  • Solid bonnet stop pin standard. Hollow spring steel pin can corrode and crack in salt water, or corrosive ambient environments
  • Combination anti-tamper with lock-out vent bonnet option