Mark 9020 BPE Series – 2 Way Ball Valves

The Mark 9020 BPE Series was designed by Steriflow to meet the rigors of clean steam, but can be used in a variety of applications including CDA, CDG, acids, solvents and drain applications where inline valve cleaning is desired. From the materials chosen for seats and seals to the final marking and documentation, you can trust the Steriflow name.


  • New DIN 11866-A, and B (ISO) tube weld end models available
  • ASME BPE 2009 guidance compliance
  • Traceable industry grade high density 316L body, ball, steam and end caps with <3% ferrite standard, 1% optional
  • Certified TFM 1600 body seal, seat, thrust washer, and packing material meet: FDA 21 CFR 177 and final form materials certified to meet USP <88> Class VI (in-vivo), and USP <87> (in-vitro) testing requirements
  • Documented surface finish on all wettable components is SF1 (20 Ra mechanical polish), SF4 (15 Ra µin mechanical/electropolish optional)
  • Ball port has identical ID as inlet/outlet tubing to prevent holdup
  • Pressure ratings up to 1000 psig @ 100°F
  • Anti-blowout stem design
  • ISO 5211 actuator mounting pads
  • Integral lockout/tagout facility
  • Live loaded packing to insure against leaks or contaminant ingress