Mark 70/701/702/711/707 Series – Sliding Gate Control Valve

The Mark 70 Series is a line of pneumatically-operated, diaphragm control valves that combine multiple spring actuators with the precision of sliding gate seat for closer control and greater accuracy.

Jordan’s unique sliding gate control valve trim teams up with pressure, temperature, pH, level, or flow controllers for fast response, long-term reliability, and high levels of accuracy on steam, gas, liquid, and chemical services.


  • Totally enclosed multi-spring actuator – Minimizes deadband and is field reversible without the use of special tools or additional parts
  • Compact design and simple construction allows fast installation and easy maintenance
  • Stem packing is four times deeper than stem travel for greater protection against leakage
  • Sliding gate seats provide straight-through flow for reduced turbulence and quiet operation
  • Short stroke for fast response and accurate regulation
  • Easily interchangeable CV’s
  • Tight shutoff