L.P. Gas Flow Meters Type 4D

The Red Seal Type 4D meters, with double case design, have been specifically designed for the custody transfer of Liquefied Propane & Butane Gas (LPG). These meters utilize the oscillating piston principle positive displacement measuring chamber technology. The standard meter includes a base meter with a register, differential control valve, combination vapour eliminator/strainer, inlet check valve, pressure relief valve, vapor check valve, and tubing kit. Options include: automatic temperature compensator (ATC) and ticket printing register.


Rugged outer body components, coupled with a double case design, reduce differential pressures on the measuring chamber which insures long life and sustained accuracy.


Compact design readily adapts to right or left hand flow, and front or rear inlet positions. Both temperature compensated and uncompensated units are available.


Double case design affords fast replacement of the factory calibrated measuring chamber, reducing equipment down time. The piston is treated with a special Nituff® Teflon®* impregnation process which protects it from impurities and adds lubricity for smooth performance at low flow and higher operating pressures.


Time proven Neptune calibration gears and the change gear shifter provide positive adjustments to 0.02% for calibration accuracy. As the gear ratios are fixed, calibration cannot drift.


Red Seal Model 800 Series Registers offer a full range of options in US Gallons, Litres and Imperial Gallons with 5 digit reset and printed ticket totals, and an 8 digit non-resettable totalizer.


Mechanical Registers

Printing Registers Metric: Model 843-L15 (10 LITRE) Printing Registers English: Model 833-0 (1 GALLON) Ticket print unit with 5 digit reset and printed ticket total delivery (face up ticket, prints out zero start and final delivery total) and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. Non-printing option Metric: Model 841-L28 (10 LITRE) English: Model 831-11 (1 GALLON)


Meets or exceeds accuracy of flow and adherence to Custody Transfer of LPG per NIST.
Certificate No. 89-140 Non-Electrical Safety Standards for LPG Flowmeters:
Underwriters Laboratory (UL)
Listing No. 436194002 (kll/0053576/80) (dtd 07/11/89)


The vast majority of LPG meters are produced with this option. The ATC mechanically modifies the rotational speed of the gear train output shaft to adjust (compensate) for ambient temperature variances, “correcting” the volume of product delivered to a standard of 15°C (60°F), regardlessof ambient or product temperature. If installed, most regulatory agencies require the ATC to be locked into the “engaged” mode and sealed to prevent fraud.


All Red Seal Type 4D LPG Flowmeters are tested for accuracy and calibrated to meet or exceed the parameters set forth in USA Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Handbook 44.