JSRULP Series – Ultra Low Pressure Reducing Valve

JSRULP is a high purity gas low pressure regulator designed
and built specifically for hygienic, ASME BPE gas applications.
The JSRULP has been designed specifically for very low
pressure clean gas regulation in stainless and single use
disposable applications. Whether it’s precise regulation for
blanketing, motive force, fluid movement or SUD bag
inflation, the JSRULP was built for the job!


The JSRULP is a pressure regulating valve ideal for low flow, very low pressure
precision regulation of clean compressed air and gas used in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical
R&D, Pilot, and Production facilities.

It is designed specifically for use on traditional Stainless Steel and Single Use Disposable applications including:
• Small sterile vessels:
– Gas overlay (blanketing)
– SUD bag integrity testing/inflation
• Incubators
• Time/pres filling machine product hold vessels