HM53 Series Single Flanged Three Valve Manifolds

The HM53 Series is a three valve instrument manifold used to perform the block, equalizing and vent requirements of a differential pressure transmitter applications. Of importance in this design is the inclusion of a single mounting flange that allows the transmitter to bolt directly to the manifold which eliminates the piping of excess tubing and nipples. A mounting kit may also be specified to allow for installation to a pipe stand.


  • Non-Rotating Tip (NRT) Stem – Provides tight, repeatable shutoff without the galling or cross-scoring that occurs on ball type stems.
  • Minimum Emission Flange – Outlet flange face protrusion mates transmitter inlet cavity, providing a gasket ID barrier that offers maximum protections against gasket cold flow and fugitive emissions.
  • Removable Bracket Option – Specify our removable bracket option and mount the manifold, not the transmitter.