HexBlok Ball Valve Products

Hexbloks are used primarily on upstream offshore/onshore oil production and initial processing installations. Typically used on liquid hydrocarbon applications to minimize the size and weight of the pipe-valve assemblies associated with gauge pressure or analytical instrumentation. Used specifically for primary and/or secondary isolation, vent and calibration access, or sampling or injection applications.

Also used in downstream oil refining and petrochemical production on flanged process piping.


  • Large 10mm (3/8″) standard orifice and porting, resulting in a lower probability of plugging
  • Integral back seat on stem prevents stem blow out.
  • Relief slot seats and optimal seat contact curvature reduce operating torque, minimize seat wear and prevent cold flow
  • Large, robust bonnet and NRT stem design on vent valve means higher probability of long life, and less break risk than competitive designs.
  • Adjustable, live loaded Teflon or Grafoil packing on ball valves insures zero external leakage