FBCPM Series – Sanitary Air Loaded Pressure and Back Pressure Regulators

The FBCPM are air loaded sanitary constant pressure modulating valves, designed to allow the user to change setpoints remotely via a cabinet or panel mounted air regulator, or through a distibuted control system or PLC, using an I-P transducer.

The CPM valve is an ideal choice for automating and maintaining constant pressure set points on the inlet side of the valve for control operations, whether they are process set points or points to fully open the valve for rinse, CIP or SIP. The valve is preffered in HTST/UHT Pasteurization, after Heat Exchangers, Seperator equipment, bottling lines, etc.


A wide variety of applications exist for the FBCPM in the food and beverage, healthcare, pharmaceutical and other industries including but not limited to:

– HTST, UHT Process control
– Pump pressure control
– Process overpressure control
– CIP system pressure control
– Pressure bypass control