FB6C Series – Sanitary Pressure Regulators

The FB6C Sanitary Pressure Regulator is designed to regulate pressure in systems requiring the maintenance of sanitary conditions.

The FB6C operates by sensing pressure under the diaphragm on the downstream side of the seat. As the downstream pressure approaches the set point, the force caused by the pressure acting on the diaphragm overcomes the force of the range spring, and the plug begins to move up toward closed. This reduces the downstream pressure and maintains the set point. If the pressure underneath the diaphragm begins to fall, the spring forces the plug to move down towards open, to allow the set point to be maintained.


– No guiding surfaces in the fluid – prevents particulate generation
– 316L investment cast body; wetted parts made from 316L
– Self-draining
– Great Accuracy (large diaphragm yields less droop)
– Clean-in-Place, Steam-in-Place – dome lock pin to allow CIP/SIP
– EPDM diaphragm: Provides excellent chemical resistance and is FDA and 3A approved.