FAH Series

The FAH Series is a Pre-Torque Rupture Disk Holder.

  • FAH Series offers one unique holder design that fits with multiple types of ZOOK Forward-Acting metal rupture disks (FAC, FAX)
  • Pre-Torque Design allows for:
    1. Pre-assembly of a rupture disk into a holder prior to field installation
    2. Removal of the assembly from the piping system for inspection without disturbing the seal integrity of the rupture disk
    3. Pre-torque bolts properly seat the disk by engaging the holder bite
  • Disk Dome is contained within holder’s outlet, which prevents damaging the disk during installation into mating flanges
  • Sizes 1” thru 12”
  • Standard cast holder materials: Carbon Steel (WCB), Stainless Steel (CF3M), Hastelloy (CW12M)