EVA/EVB (End-Of-Line Deflagration Flame Arrester)

The Protectoseal EVA/EVB Series offers the highest level of protection against atmospheric deflagration when the ignition source is external to the piping system.

The EVA/EVB Series features Protectoseal’s E-Flow® (Enhanced Crimped Ribbon Technology), which guarantees the best flow vs pressure drop characteristics in the industry.During deflagration, heat dissipation cools the combustion products at the element surface, preventing the fire from spreading past the EVA and into the protected vent line.

The Protectoseal EVA/EVB Series is ATEX-approved for a maximum operating temperature of +140°F or 60°C.

The Protectoseal EVA Series is certified for gases in NEC Group D and IEC Group IIA.

Protectoseal’s EVA Series of End-of-line Deflagration Flame Arresters has been type-tested to EN ISO 16852 and approved according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.