Electronic Register

The electronic register automates transaction operations for deliveries of LPG, distillate fuels and other liquids commercially distributed through flowmeters on bulk delivery trucks. The electronic register you can’t outgrow, providing immediate benefits as a stand-alone and ready to interface with a mobile computer (no upgrades required).

The displays will the delivered volume on the flowmeter at the rear of the truck, as do conventional mechanical registers. Selectable electronic temperature compensation allows deliveries to be made in gross or net (compensated) volumes, according to local practice. A printer in the cab provides a simple volume delivery ticket or, using the electronic register pricing capability, a complete priced invoice as a record of the transaction. Tickets are stamped with the time and date information for security.

Accurate, economical electronic registration for refined fuel delivery.

  • All functions can be performed at the register – save on proprietary equipment
  • Prices and prints invoices automatically from the truck, reducing billing cycle time
  • Improves driver efficiency – no manual ticket errors
  • More calibration factors and pricing capability than competing electronic registers – 10 products with pricing (120 products optional)
  • End-of-shift report totalizes day’s deliveries by product
  • Update pricing from a mobile computer eliminating manual inputs
  • Fast and easy auto-calibration
  • Easy retrofit to replace mechanical registers
  • No special configuration device needed

Features and Benefits:

  • Fast payback – temperature compensation reduces product losses.
  • Reduced register maintenance requirements