DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch

Mount the DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch ultrasonic sensor on the outside of metal or plastic pipes. The sensor continuously injects high-frequency sound through the pipe wall and into the moving fluid where acoustic pulses are reflected to the sensor from particles or bubbles in the fluid.

Flow rates of most liquids can be accurately controlled including acids, caustics, lubrication fluids, chemicals, abrasives, wastewater, and sludge. There are no moving parts and no sensor maintenance is required.

It takes just a few minutes to install and calibrate a Greyline DFS 5.1 Doppler Flow Switch. The DFS 5.1 controls flow of most liquids in closed pipes. The ultrasonic sensor mounts on the outside of any pipe from 12.7 mm to 4.6 m (0.5 in to 15 ft) I.D.

The DFS 5.1 control relay can be set to turn ON and OFF at any flow rate between 80 mm/s to 3 m /s (3.1 in/s to 9.8 ft/s). Insert two links for separate ON/OFF set points or just one link for a Hi or Lo flow alarm. Set relay actuation time delay from 0 to 80 seconds.