dB Ultrasonic Transducer Series

Previously, users had a choice between high-voltage, frequency-dependent transducers that were susceptible to electrical noise and needed special, protected interconnecting cables, and weak, low-power transducers that had good hazardous area performance but performed poorly in any but the simplest application.

The dB ultrasonic transducer range has changed all of that, creating a compact, low power transducer design that can be Intrinsically Safe certified and uses standard interconnecting cables, yet produces extremely high acoustic power to give exceptional results in a wide variety of applications.

Combine a dB ultrasonic transducer with any of Pulsar Measurement’s Ultra, FlowCERT, Zenith, Quantum, or Blackbox control units to create the perfect solution for your application. All transducers have flammable atmosphere approval as standard.

Standard transducer bodies are made from Valox 357 PBT with a special foam radiating face. Some are available with both body and sealed front face in PVDF for corrosive applications.