NEW! Introducing Steriflow Sanitary Diaphragm Valves

Linkmet Controls Pte Ltd is proud to announce that Steriflow valves is now able to offer diaphragm valves!

  • This long awaited development further expands Steriflow valves’ extensive product range, and will allow us to take on our competitors offering similar valves, with competitive prices and fast delivery times.
  • Simple in design and clean in construction, Sanitary Diaphragm valves are the pharma engineer’s choice for valves that directly and indirectly touch drug product process lines. For on/off, manual or automated applications, it’s the industry’s go-to shut off valve for WFI, process additives, intermediate or final drug product, Clean Steam (downstream of distribution line ball valves), and clean utilities. 

Do not hesitate! Look for us today for top quality sanitary diaphragm valves.

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